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This is the official web site of Ngwa High School Old Boys Association (NHSOBA) USA chapter.

The objective of NHSOBA USA is to foster networking, serve as support group to members in the United States, enhance educational, economic and social condition of Ngwa High School Abayi, Aba Nigeria.


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School Anthem
Ngwa High School, Ngwa High School I hereby pledge to lift your name to heights in academics, sports or labour. The honour of your name shall always be my pride. Shunning evil, embracing goodness trusting God to be my guide. I will do my best, I will give my all, I must give my quota to your fame.Refrain:

Lord, make my school a mould where christian lives are formed. Help every student here, true christian lives to lead. Make us the beacons that will lead all youths to thee for the Glory of your name Dea God, bless Ngwa High School.

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