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Ngwa High School

Ngwa High school was established in 1954 by Rev W.G. Pollard, a British who served in the second world war. After the war he joined the ministry as a missionary and settled in Nigeria, particularly Aba where he eventually founded Ngwa High School.

Historic Background
Ngwa High School is a Model Mission School of Aba Ngwa North Diorse of Anglican Communion: A Center of Academic Excellence and Christian Character formation.

The School is located 2 Kilometers from the Centre of Aba City at Abayi Village in Osisioma Ngwa L.G.A.

The idea of founding Ngwa High School was tied up with the idea of founding the Ngwa Clan Union and the initial training of 4 illustrious sons of Ngwaland Overseas. The move came from within the people and was carried on with the co-operation of the Anglican Mission. The Ngwa Educational Cultural Assembly was the proprietary body while the Anglican Church, Niger Delta Diocese provided the management.

Fund Raising:
This was at first on voluntary basis, supported by the Public Collection Ordinance Certificate. Every male adult in Ngwaland paid 5 Shillings. And initially a handsome sum of 5 Thousand Pounds was raised. This was deposited in the Old Okpuala Ngwa Native Authority Council. Later on by the advice of Bishop E.t. Dimieari, (Bishop of Niger Delta Diocese 1952-1961), the funds were transferred and deposited with the Mission Financial Secretary to ensure that everything ran smoothly. From 1953 to 1954 the contributions became more formal. The 5 Shillings per adult was merged with the District Council rates under the precept of Aba Ngwa County Council, and known as Ngwa College Rate. The Aba Ngwa County Council then gave block grants of 10 thousand pounds a year towards development of the High School. This continued until the year 1958 when the County Council was dissolved. Then the Southern Ngwa County Council only continued to make the yearly grants, 400 pounds to 1000 pounds from 1961 to 1963. Thanks to the efforts of Chief M.W. Ubani.

Land Acquisition:
Initially land was donated by Umuocham Village but before the take off of the School the land was taken back by the donors. The present site of the College was donated by Abayi village.

The Buildings:
The Anglican Mission provided the contractor Mr. M.I. Ugorji. On November 2, 1953 the foundation stone of the one storey building school block was laid. The following words could be found on the stone: FOR EDUCATION AND PROGRESS IN NGWA LAND, THIS FOUNDATION STONE OF NGWA HGIH SCHOOL WAS LAID BY THE RT. REV. C.J. PATTERSON M.A., THE BISHOP ON THE NIGER-TEACH THEM THE GOOD WAY WHEREIN THEY SHOULD WALK.

The School was opened formally on Sept. 22, 1954 with 29 boys.

Pioneer Principal:
REV. W.G. POLLARD: A Briton. 1954-9160

1st African Principal:
VEN. S.I. AMADI, from Okirika Rivers State: 1961-1967

Current Principal:
VEN. DR. FELIX ERONDU: Old Boy of The School: 1961-1965

Anglican Mission Effort:
We recognize the great effort made by the workers of Anglican Mission to enable Ngwa people achieve their goal of building Ngwa High School as a center of excellence. These include Niger Delta Diocesan Bishop Rt. Rev. E.T. Dimieari, Mr. R.I. Uzoma the Education Secretary, the Senior Supervisor of Schools Rev. Cockin who later became the Bishop of Owerri Diocese.

To Rev. W.G. Pollard, the first Principal, fell the onerous duty of pioneer work, a duty he did with excellence. The majestic buildings dominating the compound, the shrub trees that decorated the compound, some of them planted and others specimen of the original bush purposely left to tell the history of the past; and the excellent academic results in the School Certificate Examination, of the students starting with the pioneer set, show the quality of the mind that did the pioneer spade work in Ngwa High School Abayi.

The School Motto: DIVES INTRA
The School Motto Dives Intra is a latin phrase meaning "Rich Within" chosen by the Pioneer Principal Rev. W.G. Pollard. This is illustrated in the School badge/emblem with the picture of the Palm Fruit. The School is set in a land rich with Palm Fruits which was the back stay of many homes economically. Look at the Palm Fruit. Its richness is enwrapped within. The oil is embedded in the fiber and the nut encased in the shell, all enclosed within. From within comes out the red richness of oil and also the kernel. It is very important that you are rich within. The external things of the world are more or less deceiving. It is those things which are within that show forth the real man, the cultured and the uncultured man; for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks -Matt. 12:34. Within the un-rich mind there could be hatred, unkindness, lack of sympathy, greed, and all types of evil; but within the rich and ripe mind come out love, courage, unity, industry, perseverance, patience and all the permanent values of life. Let us be rich within like our god given Palm Fruit and flow out in love.

Government Takeover:
At the end of the Nigeria/Biafra War Ngwa High School was taken over by the Government of Nigeria. At a stage the campus was used as a campus of Imo State University. During the period of over 4 decades of Government take-over, the School suffered neglect, abandonment and destruction of infrastructure and facilities by government agents until 2013 the school was returned to the original owners, the Anglican Communion. During the period of Government take-over the School lost its status as a boy's boarding school and became a day School.

Current Status:
The School is passing through a transition period of restoration of the lost glory. The plan is to bring back the full boarding system. an ultra modern one storey dormitory block has been built with self contained facilities. Nigeria Breweries built and donated 6 modern classroom blocks and a library for the Junior Sec. Dept., There is a fully equipped ICT Centre with expert computer teachers on staff. Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories have been refurbished and equipped. The Senior Sec. Dept has a refurbished and fully stocked Library with books covering all disciplines and current edition of Encyclopedia Britannica.

At present the School is headed by Ven. Dr. Felix O. Erondu an Old Boy of Ngwa High School (1961-1965). Ven. Erondu is a Christian Educationist and retired Archdeacon of the Anglican church. He was educated as a professional teacher at Alvan Ikokwu University of Education Owerri, Ahmadu Bellow University Zaria and Billy Graham Centre for World Evangelism Wheaton College Illinois USA. He works with 26 members of Staff who are graduate teachers in different disciplines and most of whom are professional educationists. Ven. Felix Erondu has had many years of experience as a Christian Educator and School Administrator. His goal is to partner with the Diocese, the Old Boys Association and parents to move the School to the next level until the lost glory of Ngwa High School is fully restored.