Ngwa High School

Old Boys Association, USA

About Us

Ngwa High School Old Boys Association, Inc. was inaugurated in 2000 at the first convention in Dallas, Texas United States.

The association was formed to help foster networking and relationship among alumni of Ngwa High School, Abayi Abia, Nigeria living in the United States.

The organization is registered in the United States as "Ngwa High School Old Boys Association USA", and it is a 501(c)(3) organization, meaning your donations to the organization are tax-deductible.

To provide and support alumni programs and services, facilitates communication with alumni, and seek to strengthen alumni bonds of fellowship and professional association.


  • Leverage the resources, talents, and initiatives of NHS alumni in the diaspora to advise, guide, provide, advocate for and support our alma mater.
  • Provide an alumni network and encourages alumni engagement in the life of Ngwa High School.
  • Create an atmosphere of friendship to engage and support one another

Current Executive Council

  • John Doe - (class of 1979)
  • Peter Smith - (class of 1980)
    Vice President
  • Andrew Udeh - (class of 1979)
  • Mark Simon - (class of 1981)
  • Frank Moses - (class of 1981)
School Anthem
Ngwa High School, Ngwa High School I hereby pledge to lift your name to heights in academics, sports or labour. The honour of your name shall always be my pride. Shunning evil, embracing goodness trusting God to be my guide. I will do my best, I will give my all, I must give my quota to your fame.
Refrain: Lord, make my school a mould where christian lives are formed. Help every student here, true christian lives to lead. Make us the beacons that will lead all youths to thee for the Glory of your name Dea God, bless Ngwa High School.